Activity Details

Title: ONLINE: Emotional Intelligence 18/1/2021
Language: ENGLISH
Quota: 7/20
Date: 18 Jan 2021 (Mon) 13:30 ~ 15:30
From: 13:30 ~ 15:30
Room: Lara (Zoom: 430 049 4969 Password: 00000)
Code: EN210406
Level: Beginner
Booking Description: In this age of ever-rising competition, students are more stressed than ever, and one way to explain this is the lack of emotional intelligence. The huge importance allocated to students’ IQ made us overlook the importance of emotion and emotional intelligence. Therefore, in this workshop, students will be introduced to the concept of emotional intelligence, understand its importance, how it affects their academic success and how it can be improved and used.
Mode: It's a one-off event for all interested parties. Please register now as numbers are limited.