Activity Details

Title: Speak to lead
Category: CLUB
Language: ENGLISH
Quota: 13/15
Date: 18 Jan 2021 (Mon) 17:30 ~ 19:30
25 Jan 2021 (Mon) 17:30 ~ 19:30
01 Feb 2021 (Mon) 17:30 ~ 19:30
08 Feb 2021 (Mon) 17:30 ~ 19:30
22 Feb 2021 (Mon) 17:30 ~ 19:30
01 Mar 2021 (Mon) 17:30 ~ 19:30
08 Mar 2021 (Mon) 17:30 ~ 19:30
15 Mar 2021 (Mon) 17:30 ~ 19:30
From: 17:30 ~ 19:30
Room: Nourhene (Zoom: Password: TUN24)
Code: EN210050
Level: Beginner
Booking Description: Do you love speaking but too shy to try? Have you ever doubted the right vocabulary to use and the correct pronunciation? Have you ever wondered how to compare and contrast ideas without repeating yourself? How to talk about statistics and challenge others' ideas in a balanced manner? Have you ever been a guest on a podcast? What about starting our own talk show? Speak to lead is a podcast club where you will have maximum opportunity to interact in a well-organized speaking session that will help you enhance your speaking and listening skills as well as presentation and discussion skills. Together will discuss hot topics and you will even get the chance to be our moderator. We will experiment with our creativity, critical thinking skills and various communication skills to create our own podcast. Are you up for this challenge? Then you're welcome to join us move one step ahead towards improving confidence and communication skills as two important requisites to success.
Mode: It's an ongoing event for all interested parties. Please register now as numbers are limited.
Lesson Count: 8