Activity Details

Title:Food Talk
Category: CLUB
Language: ENGLISH
Quota: 14/20
Date: 6/11/2019 20:30:00
30/10/2019 20:30:00
2/10/2019 20:30:00
From: 20:30 ~ 22:30
Room: H (ASLLC)
Code: EN191149
Level: All
Booking Description: Join Food Talk if you have a passion for cooking, baking, or eating food! In this weekly club, we will watch cooking shows and food documentaries, learn relevant vocabulary, and discuss the diverse types of food and cooking styles around the world. Each meeting will involve English oral comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing; the sessions will culminate in the creation of your own short cooking video or food documentary to show off your new food knowledge (and improved English)! In order to receive 10 bonus marks, students must 1) attend 6/7 meetings unless they have a valid excuse; 2) complete the video within the required criteria; 3) actively participate in each club session.
Mode: It’s an ongoing event for all interested parties. Please register now as numbers are limited.
Lesson Count: 3