Activity Details

Title:Public Speaking and Debate Club
Category: CLUB
Language: ENGLISH
Quota: 11/30
Date: 15/10/2019 18:30:00
22/10/2019 18:30:00
29/10/2019 18:30:00
5/11/2019 18:30:00
From: 18:30 ~ 20:30
Room: Open area (ASLLC)
Code: EN191144
Level: Beginner
Booking Description: Students will learn how to research, outline, and deliver short, informal presentations as well as longer speeches in activities. They will research, outline, and deliver speeches, as well as act as critics of their own, fellow students? and famous speakers?work. As for debating activities, students will develop ability to support and present logical and researched arguments. Students will learn the standards of debate and the valuable skills of argumentation that will assist them with their educational careers and beyond. The public speaking activities will give students the opportunity to develop and strengthen skills in preparing and presenting public oral presentations in a variety of situations. These activities will provide students with a basic background in the theories and principles of public speaking and debating, as well as practical experience with the basic types of speeches and skills of argumentation.
Mode: It’s an ongoing event for all interested parties. Please register now as numbers are limited.
Lesson Count: 4